My Love Story

I get a lot of questions from family and friends asking me how I met AB. So I decided to do a cute little illustration to help everyone figure that out. By the way, AB is short for Abhishek.  Abhi is the obvious short name for Abhishek which is probably more common than the name Abhishek itself. So I christened him AB (yes its pronounced as A..B)

And I have an illness as far as giving people nicknames is concerened. I just cannot call them with the name the world uses for them. So Mamma is Mommy, Amu, Ma, Momsie etc, Dad is Pops, Popsie, Pa, Daddy, Lil Sister is Chhotu, Shins (and some other weird ones) and so Abhishek is AB. So if you are really close to me and I like you,  you would know that I already have a nickname for you in my head.



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