Mr. & Mrs. Snob {ft. Indian BOW TIE Company}

They say that when you love someone for long enough you slowly start turning into that person. I have been in love with this man for the last 5 years and married to him for the last 4 (and a half). And while I do not see myself changing physically, I see that there are little traits that I have seemed to imbibed from him. Like his patience and his calm demeanor. Anybody who has known me for long enough knows that I am like a pile of TNT waiting for a spark. 10 years ago if you as much as made a mean comment towards me – kaboom! Today I am trying to be a little more open to criticism and feedback. Trying to not be so hard on my friends. Trying to be a better person. And all this is because of this man I am with for the last 5 years. He is making me want to be better – which is so cheesy, cause I never thought I needed to change. I thought I was perfect. Lets us just say, I am trying to be a Perfect 2.0.

Ofcourse, there are things that husband has also learned from me. Occasional shopping binges are now OK. He will still not shop every month – I think it is just not in his genes. But I am able to get him off his lazy back and shop like a maniac atleast 2 times a year – the SALE season. Yes we go berserk during this time. And he has stopped feeling guilty after these binges too.

So you see – weirdly we have influenced each other and we have changed in our ways. And when we were conceptualizing this post, there is no other theme I could think of that would explain this better. This blog post is super special – AB for the first time agreed to be infront of the camera instead of being behind it. Also, because this post features the work of a talented school buddy Ankit Saboo and his venture – Indian BOW TIE Company. The bowties AB and I are wearing are his artistic work. You will be seeing a lot more of these bowties in the coming posts. And I love any chance to go androgynous in photoshoots – I think it is the inherent tomboy/TNT nature that only fits in this type of attire.

Bowties and Bags_3

Bowties and Bags_1

Bowties and Bags_2

On AB:
Blazer: Van Heusen
Denim Jeans: Being Human
White Shirt: Louis Philippe
Boat Shoes: Roush
Bowtie: c/o Indian BOW TIE Company

On Me:
Black Shirt: M&S
Black Jeans: Levis
Black Shoes: Zara
Red Tote: Zara (Borrowed from Mom)
Bowtie: c/o Indian BOW TIE Company

In this series that I have decided to call Of Hats, Bags and Bowties, you will see stories and inspirations on how to accessorize yourself with not just jewelry. Β You will see outfit inspirations for rocking hats and bowties and the quintessential bags. Hopefully, we will be able to create a contemporary accessory revolution with this. We have collaborated with Indian BOW TIE Company Β for a few posts in this series. So stay tuned for more! And if you have liked AB’s brief stint in this post – please comment and urge him to make more appearances!

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