Spotlight: Knots & Hearts

The wedding season is just around the corner. I remember last year this time around my entire family was busy working on trying to manage my sister’s wedding which was being planned long distance between three states – Karnataka, Kerala and Delhi. I sometimes wish I had more professional help which would have eased things for my parents. Delhi is bustling with such professional folks but I feel that their is a major dearth in Bangalore. So when this new firm based out of Bangalore introduced themselves to me – I thought it would be great to introduce them to all my readers. So over to Shyam and Kalash of Knots & Hearts.

Pic 1 Shyam and Kalash

About us:

We are two finance post-graduates … married for two years. We founded this venture of premium wedding planning after organising their own beautiful wedding. Under Knots & Hearts, we combine our experience and expertise together to bring you a very personalized and customized experience making your wedding perfect! Knots and Hearts is head-quartered in Bangalore and efficiently delivers its services across the country and overseas.

Services we offer:

Our role as wedding planners begins here: We comprehend your desire, define your style and ultimately customize your minute details to bring you a gorgeous wedding. The end-to-end solutions for your entire wedding include venue, décor, entertainment, wedding trousseau, guest  management to your honeymoon destination. A team of experts from various fields including wedding stylists, make-up artists, fashion designers, jewellers, choreographers, wedding photographers and video experts to name a few…that fit into every budget, work with us to realize your vision. We plan and take care of everything leaving you free to enjoy your most precious day!


pic4 (1)

Latest wedding trends:

  • Themed weddings: Themed weddings and colour coded weddings have been around for some time but are still a constant favourite. However the kind of ‘themes’ have varied over the years. Currently, the trendy and stylish couples opt for  the Victorian and Vintage themed weddings. China and Arabian night themed parties are also catching flavour. Casino theme parties are always a hit and also not to forget are the evergreen Bollywood and fun 70’s theme !
  • Destination weddings: The farmhouse wedding on the outskirts of Delhi is passé. International celebrities like Liz Hurley and Katy Perry and the lot have shown the way. Palaces on hire in Jaipur, Hyderabad, Agra, Lucknow, Jodhpur, Udaipur and the likes add a completely new dimension of royalty to your wedding. The palatial venues, sprawling gardens, traditional entertainment and lavish food spreads add up to a grand affair that will add the oomph factor to the wedding. Make a grand entrance on an decorated elephant or a camel or a traditional palki and have the guests treated to a royal welcome.
  • Personalised venues: A lovely and fun trend coming up is personalising of the venue with the relationship details of the bride and groom. Indian couples are just waking up to it. Instead of repeating 2000 times on how the two met, they can have the venue talk about it and let the guests know who/how/ where they met and also tie it in with love and quotes and advice from the elders!

pic10 (1)

Expert Advise:

  • For the couple: All eyes will be on you! The ensemble for both the bride and groom is very important. More important is that both of them gel well together and make the perfect picture. Register with a popular store for gifts and let your bridal party know where and how to purchase gifts that you want. It is not in an Indian’s nature to understand or arrive at a happy occasion without a gift. ‘Blessings Only’ kind of invite will heap up unwanted gifts in a spare room you will never open. Trust me. You don’t want the third coffee maker or the sixth wall clock or the tenth tea sets.
  • For the guests: Remember it is not your wedding! Let the bride be the star of the day. Dress according to the theme of the wedding. Consider the weather and venue before selecting your dress for the occasion. You don’t want to be caught at a beach wedding or gravel entrance in your highest stilettos or have your flowing tresses in an open hair-do blowing in your face on a rooftop or mountain wedding venue. Gifts are a pleasure to receive but it does not help if it is just another generic clock or showpiece. Trust me it is bound to find its way back to you. Check with the couple what they need and give them a gift that they need and require.

TBS: So if you too feel lost and helpless and do not want the headache of last minute disasters (which by the way are bound to happen in weddings) talk to these folks. You can contact them via their FB page. All their coordinates are mentioned there too. Till then happy reading!

(All pictures in this post has been provided by Knots & Hearts – Photography credit Kushal Raheja)

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