5 Styles for Black Pants

Woot! Woot! I am loving this Fun Five series! If you like it to tell me about it. This time I am doing a Lookbook + Fun Five! No I am not lazy – Infact I am being innovative. I have this pair of absolutely brilliantly fitting black trousers.Styling this can be such a fun project. So I decided to style them in 5 different looks for you only!

1. The Essential Formal Wear: Black trouser and White Shirt. Wear your hair in a high pony. Now wear a bright lipstick if your office does not frown on them. Unfortunately most do – so I would recommend a nude shade.

2. Dress and Pants: I have this floral button down dress from AND and I have been toying with the idea of pairing it with the black trousers. I fold the trousers to ankle length. It gives a bohemian feel to it. Wear it with open sandals. I don’t know if this experiment was a good idea or not! Yay! or Nay?


3. Corporate Diva: Pair it with your favourite work jacket. It gives very formal feel. You can team it up with a tight tee or a loose chiffon top. I teamed it with a Zara blue chiffon top to add a hint of feminine touch to the look. High pony and and black ballerinas!


4. Long Flannel Shirt: Team it with a long flannel shirt and a open flat sandal for a casual feel. This is the quintessential casual look and flannel shirts are so in! You can also team it with a long white boyfriends shirt.


5. Party Time: Team it up with your party top. This will be your perfect party wear. Infact it is perfect for your after work parties. Carry your party shirt in your bag and wear it right after work before you head to out – let your hair loose and party all night!


White Shirt – Bhane
Dress – AND
Black Formal Jacket – Allen Solly
Blue Chiffon Top – Zara
Flannel Shirt – Flicked from Mom’s Closet (yes I do that sometimes too)
Party Top – UCB

So tell me – which was your favourite look?


  1. Priyanka (The Purplenista)

    I liked all the looks, but my faves are the flannel and party one. Great post Ankita!

    PS: I think you might have received a similar comment already, wordpress went blank on me! Sorry!

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