5 Hairstyles for Broad Forehead

I have a broad forehead. Some say its a sign of intelligence. The broader the forehead – the more brain matter you have. But for the longest time I have been been trying to hide it behind my bangs. I have literally been embarrassed to death by the broadness. But  there is really nothing to hide. I know I used to spend hours trying to take the focus off my forehead. And on those bad hair days when I had to pull my hair back – it used to be like mortal peril. I used to hate looking at the mirror on those days. But then honestly – its all about feeling beautiful. I have noticed that on days when I feel good I have actually managed to look good with my hair pulled back and my forehead at its broadest best. So the first rule to rock your look is to feel confident.

Now, some of the most gorgeous ladies have broad foreheads – Rihanna, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Garner, Sonakshi Sinha, Neha Dhupia amongst many others. So ladies, if you like me, have a broad forehead – be proud. Luckily, I have tried almost all possible hair styles that suit the broad forehead and I am going to share my favourite 5 with you:

1. Straight Cut Bangs: They fall over your forehead and hide it completely. And they have been quite a rage since last year. So its a must try.

Evening Picture

2. Side Swept Hair: Create a side parting and sweep a section of your hair covering your forehead and tuck it behind your ear.

Ankita Shekhar

3. Asymmetrical Bangs: Get your bangs cut in an asymmetrical style giving your bangs texture. This prevents it from looking like a hair blob over the forehead and give a peek at your forehead without drawing too much focus on it.

And thats me pouting

4. Feathered Side Swept Hair: I call them flicks. Not short enough to be called a bang but not long enough to get tucked behind the ear. They are my feathered flicks.

Take in some Green

5. Pull it back: Yes! It looks good too. And no you don’t look bald. So stop being conscious. The trick it to get the focus off your forehead and on something else – like a mang-tika (indian head jewelry). I often do this when I wear Indian outfits.


So which is your favourite look? Its too difficult for me to pick one.


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