Confessions and Lipsticks {ColorBar Review}


I have a confession to make – at times I get easily swayed by super cool ads or big brands. I try to be as rooted as possible but when I flip through a magazine and see a popular brand launching a new product I cannot help but lust it. Infact I spend the rest of the day wrecking my brains and sometimes dear husband’s too, to be able to fit that new product into our monthly budget. I just feel the need to be part of that super elite league of folks who flaunt the brand. Sigh! Well now you know my weakness.



But honestly there are a lot of fishes in the sea (lol that has such a different connotation literally). What I mean is there are a lot of brands in the market which offer similar products in cheaper price range. And I thought I will take this opportunity to talk about one such product. Lately Bobbi Brown Art Sticks have been doing rounds – the concept sounds unique and it serves as a two (or maybe three) in one solution to your make up woes. I have been reading these super cool blogs and watching a few vlogs on these art sticks – and they look great. But staying in Bangalore limits my access to Bobbi Brown stores. So I found a more accessible and cheaper alternate to these. Remember my ColorBar Haul? I have the cheaper (relatively) alternate to the Rs. 2000 (and above) art sticks. The ColorBar Take Me As I Am lipsticks that I bought serve the exact same purpose – and they are priced at Rs. 800 each. Now they are steep on their own, but if you compare its an cheaper deal.

ColorBar Take Me As I Am Tickle Me Pink 013

Packaging: They come in a silver box. Like the art sticks, they too come in the pencil format and will serve as a lip liner and lipstick. ColorBar is also giving away the lipstick sharpener free. But that comes in a separate box.

Texture: The lipsticks are creamy. They contain shea butter. You do not need a gloss or a lip cream post or pre the lipstick application. It does have an inherent glossy shine when applied to the lips. However, because of the creamy nature – it would need a constant touch up.

Shade: I had picked up the hot pink shade called Tickle Me Pink 013. Shade is better visible in the picture above. Incase it is not as clear – it is a bright pink shade.

Value for money: If you really want to buy the Bobbi Brown Art Stick, but cannot because its Rs.2000 plus or because your city does not have a store, you can go for this alternate at Rs.800. But if you are not the sorts who needs to have an art stick, and if you are content with the regular lipstick and lip liner routine – I think you can give this a pass. A regular Color Bar lipstick would cost you around Rs. 400 and a Mac lipstick would cost you around Rs. 1000 (pay Rs200 more and get a gorgeous Mac lipstick). I would recommend those instead.

Also most lipsticks are often used as an alternate blush. They require a decent effort to blend but they can almost always double up as blushes. So nothing special there.

Do you own the ColorBar Take Me As I Am Lipsticks? Tell me your experience.

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