{Mac}up Review


I have recently purchased 2 Mac Lipsticks. And ever since I cannot seem to apply anything else. I know a lot of women swear by how amazing Mac lipsticks are but if you have not tried them yourself – you would never know what the hype is all about. I was also one of those who could never figure it out till I first stepped into a Mac store. I actually did this because I have this secret bucket list (not a secret anymore) where I wanted to own atleast 1 Mac lipstick while I was still in my twenties. And a Mac store is like Makeup Heaven. You can look at lipsticks and then try them on (as in apply them) to see if they REALLY look good or not. Bliss! So here is my review on the two shades I currently own – Cosmo and Flat Out Fabulous.

Packaging: They come in the usual black box with the ingredients mentioned clearly on one side. The lipstick itself looks like a a bullet (or a capsule) in black. It a typical roll up and apply lipstick.

Texture : Cosmo has a creamy and nourishing feel to it. This is probably because it contain castor seed oil. You would not feel the need to apply a gloss after applying the lipstick. Because of the creamy nature you would need to touch up the lipstick after your coffee break.
Flat Out Fabulous has a matte feel. I usually ensure that I apply vaseline and leave it on my lips for 5-10 mins before I apply Flat Out Fabulous. If not – it ends up feeling a little dry. The lipstick does not need a lot of touch up. I usually apply it for parties or when going out with AB. I have never felt the need to touch up the shade.

Shade : Cosmo is essentially a nude shade while Flat Out Fabulous is a super pink. You can get a better idea from the pic above.

Value for Money : Cosmo is priced at Rs.990 and Flat Out Fabulous is priced at Rs.1190. In a typical Indian scenario, where other lipsticks are in the range of Rs.200-500, this is priced at the higher end. But if you really want to try a Mac Lipstick – do pick up the Matte Range. They do not need touch up and work great for parties.

So do you also own a Mac Lipstick? Tell me about your experience below.



  1. NS

    Same here. I bought my first Mac 6 months back (chatterbox, amplified) and there has been no looking back. Its unmatched. The second one I bought was crème in your coffee (cremesheen). Equally good. Its worth the hype!

  2. priyanka

    Oh ankita…so agree wid u…i was always vary of bright lipsticks till i found Mac.i m in love wid some iconic shades like ruby woo n vegas volt…also tried thr limited editions like toying around..

    1. thebangaloresnob

      Mac Mocha .. Ok on my list. I have been on a bright lipstick spree with Flat out Fabulous and Ruby Woo but I think adding a few neutral shades in my kitty would be a good idea. But yes – cost has gone up.
      BTW – While you are at it you might want to try Crosswires – I love the shade.

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