The Tale of Two Scarves


When I first wore scarves to work, a lot of my colleagues told me that should I not be wearing it in the auto or on the bike – you know to protect my hair from entangling because of the wind. Or maybe wear it to protect myself from the sun. But scarves are so much more than just a cap or a sunscreen substitute. Scarves are such an amazing fashion accessory. Especially at workplace!

I personally love how the scarves add the colour to your otherwise dull work outfit. It can transform the regular monochrome white top, black trouser to something completely chic. I also try to add a little quirkiness to my work outfit via these scarves (which by the way have little birdies or cat motifs on them).

These are the ways I have styled my scarves at workplace. There are amazing videos online where you can see many different ways of styling your scarves – but these are my pick.




Tell me how have you styled your scarf at workplace. And if you are one of those who tucks these into the backpacks as soon as you get off your bike – STOP! Keep it on – style it and look classy!

Scarves from Dressberry (

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