DIY Canvas Brighties!


Bright colours and eclectic prints have been in for so long – I had to try it out myself. I had a pair of converse slip-ons I have had for over 3 years now. I bought these in Bangkok on my honeymoon and they had gotten really worn out lately . I had practically worn them out during the last three years. But because of their worn out look I was unable to wear them recently. And I could not part with them either.

So I decided it was time for another DIY to save these shoes and get myself a pair of bright coloured shoes that I could team with my denims and tees and look spunky! 

I washed off all the dirt that I could from my shoes – they still looked old and dirty though!


I then coloured them Yellow using the acrylic paint I had.



And painted black polka dots on them with a little red heart to add the feminine touch!




Shoes4Was this useful? What pattern would you do on your old canvas shoes?



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