Makeup for Work Place

A friend of mine recently asked me what is my make-up routine for work. Considering almost all of us are working at offices infront of computers all day long, what is the right makeup routine that does not look over the top but make you feel pretty and well-kept.

Makeup At work

At the outset let me tell you makeup at office requires maintenance. Despite all the promises made, almost nothing lasts for that long. But just a slight touch up during your mid-day break and you would be all sorted for the day. And no – you don’t need to doll up every day for office. You can try these basics that I do before rushing to work – it works wonderfully for me.

Moisturizer and Sunscreen Lotion: I use a combination of this. My skin tends to get really dry in the air conditioner – so I apply this right after my bath and let it stay on my skin for 10-15 mins.

BB Cream: I apply this judiciously to my face and neck (NEVER MISS THE NECK). It gives my face the even skin tone and hides the blemishes.

Powder: Ofcourse after so much of oil, you need to even out the greasy look – I use a powder based compact on face and neck.

Blush: I must confess I do not apply this on a lot of days – and that is because I am naturally gifted with “rosy cheeks”. I have gone through years of cheeks pulling and teasing about wearing make-up to school but the truth is its all natural. But if you want apply this, just apply a little on your cheek bones.

Kohl: An absolute must. I have to apply Kajal and eyeliner. The thing with makeup is that you should draw your attention to one part of your face and the rest of the parts should be supporting characters. I make my eyes my emphasis. I have big eyes and I highlight them with a kajal and eyeliner. On some days I also try doing the smoky eye look.

Lip Gloss: Must use! I have dry lips. And in order to keep them moisturised, I need to re-use these all the time – so I keep some handy.

This is fairly easy to follow.

Now for the touch up. If your lunch area is in the open you are bound to sweat and the face would become oily. I would recommend, carrying a facewash, to clean up. Then moisturiser and BB Cream, face compact, kohl and lip gloss. It might take you 10 extra mins in the washroom but if you want to look your best for all the eight hours you must be ready to lose those 10 mins.

Once you get back home – clean up your face with a facewash and then a cleansing lotion. Apply your night cream. And drink loads of water. Key to a glowing skin is healthy lifestyle.

This is my work beauty regime. What is yours?

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