The New House Update: Interior Decor Tips

Woodwork at home

Getting the interiors done up for my house has been a big learning experience. And I say so for many reasons. One – it has taught me to be patient. Two – I have learnt to be accommodating. What you see is not what you always get. But that does not mean that what you get is not good.

And that has been my story – when we first decided that we wanted to get the interiors done for the new house, I had a rough idea. But then realizing that into reality was a challenge. Moreover, explaining a rough idea to a designer would meet a lot of technical constraints and artistic differences. We wanted to hire a designer who would basically take care of the entire process and would be able to execute the designs well (and in budget ofcourse).

The first designer we went to quoted a measly figure in the beginning after listening to our requirements and then when we finalised the design and wanted to confirm, their quote was more than double. The second guy was within our budget – and he was using the materials that we wanted. So we did not have to compromise to meet the budget.


A few things we learnt while getting the interiors designed and executed:

  • The initial quote that ANY designer gives you is nowhere near the actual quote. My personal experience is that your designs and their prices would stretch it to almost double. Be prepared
  • The designing process – the google sketcher/auto cad drawing can take almost 2 months. This usually happens because you would get to meet the designers on weekends only and that would give you 4 visits to be able to explain your designs and listen to theirs. So plan early.
  • Some designers charge for the initial designs, some don’t. Therefore, talk to a lot of designers.
  • Watch youtube videos of some renowned designers. You can always get a more concrete idea from these. Ofcourse, there is a risk of liking more than 1 design.
  • Usually other folks from your building will end up hiring the same designer you have finalised. Or you would hire the guy who is working in other projects in the same building.
  • The actual woodwork can take anywhere between 1-3 months. Start it off as soon as you can – do this because the designer and his contractors would be free as of now. And they would be all up to finish your project. As the time moves, if the guy would get more projects in your building – his attention and time would get divided.
  • Be very flexible. What you see in the autocad design might not look great in reality. You would then have to change the design. Also ensure that your designer is ready to make such changes. If not – ensure that the designs you finalise are 100% ok.
  • The house gets really dirty during this whole process – a final coat of paint (or maybe two) is IMPORTANT.

All these points might be obvious, and I might sound like a novice. But then these were my learnings – and I hope it would help some of you too. Is there something else you would like to add to this list? Tell me 🙂


  1. Chaithra

    Its better to cover up the floor with putty before starting the interiors. Else be very strict about the fact the the workers have to spread something on the tiles before they start cutting/chipping etc. The vitrified tiles will be damaged if they are directly operated on.

  2. Nisha Sahaay

    Great work Ankita !!! I was just looking for such tips and I think I got the exact place where I can a much more than what I expected. Thank you so much. This proved to be a great help to me.

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