The New House Update as of May 2014

Its been such a long time since I did my last New House post! Almost a year. A lot happened in between and I was distracted. Also, the house was being built – there was nothing new happening to it so I refrained from posting too much about it. But now we have got the soft handover. Soft handover is given by the builders for the home owners to start with the woodwork and interior work. This whole interior work process takes anywhere from 1 month to  3 months depending on the amount of stuff and customization you want to get done. Post the woodwork – the builder would take back the house and finish it. He would paint the house, lay the granite on the kitchen, glue the kitchen tiles, sanitary furnishing needs to be completed, and the final touch ups before they FINALLY hand it over to us.

We also have the woodwork going on – which means that there is a lot of drilling and cutting happening in my precious little house. But then I am seeing the house transform into my home from the “four walls” of the apartment. So Yayy! Excited.

I will post about the house with some completed pieces and the pics. I will tell you a lot more on the whole interior designing process and how we went about it. But all this will have to wait for another post. Thanks for your patience!

Got questions? Mail me at and I will try and answer as much as possible.

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