Rompers for Date Night

I was in Goa sometime back and when in Goa you must visit Titto’s right?! So we headed there for our customary drink-and-dance-till-you-fall routine.

Rompers for Party 1

Rompers for Party 2

Rompers for Party 4

Rompers for Party 3

Polka-dot romper – Romwe
Golden Flats – DoneByNone
Clutch – QUP

I teamed up this polka-dot romper with some gold and I was ready to party. I have to tell you – wearing the romper for a night out broke my myth that they look good for sunday brunches only. Psst.. did you notice the little (minuscule) weight that I have lost ??!! 😉 And dancing in these was easy. Super comfy!

And this location was a perfect place to go clicking – this is Chalston Beach Resort Goa. A must visit place and details on the resort is a whole new post.

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