5 Tips to Beat the Heat

Wow! Bangalore has gone hot! I was here in 1996 (ages ago really) and I do not remember Bangalore ever getting as hot as this. In a way it is funny – cause I keep saying that I miss Delhi and Bangalore is doing its best to remind me how hot Delhi summers can be. Point noted Sir! Now can we get back to being normal Bangalore? Cribbing aside – what do you do on such days? Don’t fear – I am here. So here is my pick of 5 ways to beat the Bangalore Summer (or maybe just flow with it)!


Now Bangalore summer is not really like Calcutta’s sultry summer or Delhi burning heat. Bangalore has some amazing quality to get hot in the month of March (and April) when the rest of the country (well mostly) is enjoying spring. So what do you do?

  1. Take a Road Trip: You can go to Coorg. Its summer there too but then its the ideal time to go trekking. July-September is heavy monsoon and off season. Go to Masinagudi (like we did) and stay between a coffee estate and enjoy the sunset. Or go to Vythiri. But if hill-station is your thing – go Ooty!!
  2. Revamp your wardrobe: Let’s be honest – our Bangalore wardrobe was never well equipped for handling this heat. It is HIGH TIME we made some drastic (or maybe subtle) changes to the wardrobe. It’s time to include some light cotton kurtas, jumpsuits, shorts and skirts to our wardrobe. And men, go linen. You definitely do not want to be tied in bulky denims and heavy suits when the sun is shining. Go Shopping!
  3. Mango Shake: It is summer and it is your excuse to have Mango Shake and lots of it. AB is in love with them. And, not to sound too pompous, I am rather good at making them. Make some for yourself when you are sitting at home to beat this heat. Use a lot of ice – its the perfect summer buster.
  4. One word- Sportsbar: The IPL Season is almost here. So cheer for your favourite team with a group of friends and some beer. Go to any of the lounges with a big screen TV or invite all your friends over to your place for some cricket time. But make sure the AC is on wherever you go!
  5. Inculcate a good habit – Morning Walk: So you cannot go to Masingudi for rejuvenation every weekend. But you can head to Lalbagh/Cubbon Park or your nearby Park every morning around 7ish and breathe in some cool fresh air. It really does not mean that you should not do it in winters (or whatever those non-summer seasons are called here in Bangalore). But it is a good time to start doing it.

Apart from the above please drink a lot of water (dehydration is a bitch) and apply a lot of sunscreen before you step out into the sun.

You got your own Summer buster/to-do tips? Tell me about it.

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