A little me time

Ever since July 2013, when I found out that my Dad was diagnosed with Cancer – I was distraught. And it was not the 1st stage Cancer. It was the bad types – the types that gave my Dad only 5 months with us. Days and nights were spent hoping for a miracle or a cure. But unfortunately that was just a prayer and on November 10, 2013 my Dad left us. Incidentally, November 10, 2013 was also my sister’s birthday and I cannot understand the cruelty of “God”.  During those 5 months, and post that – I tried doing everything to avoid the gravity of the situation. I tried blogging. I tried doodling and I tried working like crazy. Basically, I tried everything to get my mind off this situation. But nothing worked.

And so I have decided to try something new – I am taking a sabbatical from the blogging world. I would be back sometime – but right now I need to sort a few things in my head. I need to prioritize my life and so it is important that I leave this here. For those of you who were regular readers – Thanks for being by my side through thick and thin. Thanks for supporting me as and when I made these random changes to the blog. Thanks for liking my doodles and everything. And thanks for understanding that I really need this break.

I can still be reached at my email address – thebangaloresnob@gmail.com. I will do my best to be back with a new vigor and present an absolutely new side of me to you guys. I can be back in 1 month, 2 months or maybe 6. But I need to sort my life a little. So till then, its goodbye from The Bangalore Snob.


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