The Colorbar Haul


Honestly, I am rather bad at make-up. The only thing I manage well in the name of make-up is applying kajal (kohl) to my eyes. I do not like stepping out of the house without the kohl – I end up looking ill the days I forget applying them in a rush. Infact, a lot of my colleagues at work have asked me if I am unwell on my non-kohl days. *embarrassed* But after having read all the beauty blogs – I have been introduced to the beautiful world of make-up and how to do it right. You know – the non-weddingy make-up. The office make-up.

Colorbar Haul

So I decided to take the plunge and try makeup. Now my idea of make-up stuff was limited to regular products – lipstick and eye-shadow. I was not aware that there is a right way to apply both for different occasions. I also thought that this is something I would never be able to do on my own (like wear a saree on my own) – I would ALWAYS need professional help! Thanks to the beauty blogs I did learn a few tips and tricks. And therefore, courtesy my lovely hubby – I managed to buy my first (of many to come) make-up collection post marriage.

As of now let me just take you through my haul –


Primer: This helps even the skin and layer it with a silicon base so that the application of foundation/concealer is easy and even. (Price: Rs. 825)


Concealer: I have always used a foundation and I am yet to figure out how this would be different. (Sorry I sound too illiterate at it) (Price: Rs. 675)


Compact: My old one got over a long time ago. (Price: Rs. 699)


Lip Liners: I got two shades – Pink and Nude (Price: Rs. 550 each)


And Lipsticks: Two shades again! Pink and Nude (Price: Rs. 800 each)

Total cost of haul is Rs. 4899.

I would use them very soon and put up a post on their collective effect very soon!


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