You talk about wedding and the first thing that comes to your mind is a 20 something young girl getting decked up in bright red with people flocking around her. You talk about an advertisement on wedding jewelry and the first thing that comes to your mind is a beautiful mother taking her young daughter shopping for some jewelry for the wedding. And there are so many ads on TV – especially now with the wedding season kicking in. There are ads with either bollywood actresses and diamonds floating around them or young brides in red.  And this bollywood actress thing is so overdone that I have started changing channels as soon as I see a Sush or an Ash on TV with diamonds floating around them suddenly form beautiful pieces of jewelry. I am bored. But when a leading Jewelry brand releases an ad that breaks every possible cliche on wedding and Jewelry – it definitely should not be missed.

Tanishq has probably come out with the most brilliant ad ever – with remarriage as its theme. Really made me wonder why did I not do an article on remarriage in my whole wedding issue. Why does the word wedding not bring this important issue into being? I know a few people who have spouses who were married before and have children from their first marriage – some married to divorcees and some to widow/widowers. And I am proud of these friends. They tell me that life does not end when something as important as a marriage ends or when someone you loved dearly passes away. These friends tell me that there are amazing people around me who do not see their hunt for a prospective spouse as a shopping expedition but as a search for their soul mate. A soul mate who probably could have been someone else’s soul mate for some time. A soul mate who is after all human and has been through a certain tough period in their life. A soul mate who they love no matter what.

Please see the below video!

Thank you Tanishq for making this beautiful ad.


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