The Karva Chauth Guide

My first Karva Chauth – I was in Gurgaon while my husband was in Bangalore. Not an ideal situation for a FIRST ever Karva Chauth right? Such is life. sigh!. So I was staying with my parents in Gurgaon during this period who knew zilch about the festival.

I got up early in the morning and had some sweets before sunrise. I was not aware of the ritual of Sargi and the story behind it. After an entire day of fast when it was dark and I was ready to break the fast my entire family headed to the balcony to look for the moon. But none of us knew the moonrise time and had to resort to our neighbors and television for that information. When the moon was spotted, AB was video  conferenced. Then we realized that we did not have the Chalni. No one had thought about it. After a lot of fuss we found something that could be used for the same purpose and we could finally complete the puja.

My first Karva Chauth could have been a lot easier if I had something which told me all about the festival in detail. Explain the importance of each ritual and the customs along with it. A Karva Chauth Guide you might say. Especially for people like me who do not know anything about the festival.  And that is exactly what the Tanishq Karva Chauth app (Android link) is all about.

The app becomes your guide to all the rituals that are involved in Karva Chauth. It also doubles up as a chalni, so if you are travelling and are not carrying a chalni, or if like me you completely forgot about it – fret not. The camera in your smart phone would turn into a chalni courtesy the app. And then if you want to know the moon rise time for your city – the app tells you the expected time of moon rise with a countdown to it. (Observe my countdown to the moon-rise has already started). The app also allows husbands to hide gifts on the moon. So based on the date of birth of both the partners, the app would hide a gift on a co-ordinate of the moon and would notify the wife that a gift has been hidden for her on the moon (in the app). So now the wife can go and search for it. A perfect game to end the day of Karva Chauth.

And ladies you can also create a wishlist of your favourite Tanishq Jewelry and send hints to your husbands via the app. So do not wait – and download the app. With this on your phone you would not have to go running to the TV or your laptop. And if you are travelling this app is a boon. All android users can download it from here . (Iphone Users the app would be up in a while). For more updates follow the Tanishq page.

Jewelry Wishlist
Jewelry Wishlist

(This is a sponsored post)


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