My Shudh Desi Romance Part 3

This is  a post-wedding post and the last in the series. I have already told you how I got engaged to AB and then what was the wedding like in Part 1 and Part 2 respectively. But this post is very special to me. Special because – weddings get over after the celebrations are done but marriage continues. And with itself, it brings a new challenge. My challenge was the inter-state wedding. And the customs.

So let me start from the beginning. One of the biggest fears my MIL had when we were getting married was whether I would do Karva Chauth or not. Karva Chauth is a day long festival, where the wife fasts for her husbands long life and good health for the entire day. The wife breaks her fast with water and food after seeing the moon. Now for any newly wed, this is probably the obvious fast. We have seen so much of Karva Chauth on Indian Television or Movies that the name is not new to us. And if you have seen your mother do it – well then you have literally grown up watching it. But what would be an interesting fact to know is that not every Indian (contrary to what Television portrays) celebrates Karva Chauth.

I am basically from Bihar, and in my custom we celebrate Teej (Haritalika Teej). The concept is the same – you fast for your husband’s long life. But this is a little different in the sense that you do not break your fast at the end of the day after looking at the moon. You break your fast the next day after the sun rises. I have grown up watching Mom do Teej and Karva Chauth for me was only something I saw on TV.

So when I was getting married the biggest bone of contention was Karva Chauth. I knew AB had grown up watching his mother do it and he knew that I had grown up watching Teej. And a middle ground had to be reached in order to keep both sentiments in place. So I took the call to do both – Karwa Chauth and Teej. I figured how tough can it be really? They would never fall on two consecutive days.

My Mom was worried – how would I do both. Before the wedding, she had asked me to only do one – Karva Chauth. She said that, Karva Chauth is a custom of my in laws, and I should only do that. I can omit fasting on Teej. Just a little puja would be enough. But I was adamant – I wanted to do both.

And honestly this has worked out really well for me. AB too understands how important Teej is for me and I love doing Karva Chauth because I get pampered not just by AB but by my MIL too. I get treated like a queen on both days, with AB fussing around me. And I get gifts on both days – that’s a big bonus!

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  1. B

    I’ve really enjoyed your wedding series. We attended an Indian wedding last week (our first) and although we tried to keep up with the traditions, you’re filling in some gaps for me!

    This one in particular didn’t come up. I wonder if the bride in this case will observe either Karwa Chauth or Teej? You have me wondering!

    1. thebangaloresnob

      Hey B.. Thanks! I am guessing the bride must have done Karva Chauth – or probably nothing. Teej is very specific to a few states in India. Not all of them do it. But I am sure it would be a good conversation starter for you – if you meet the couple in the future! 🙂

  2. Saurabh

    Really enjoyed your blog Ankita. Very well written. Except the make up part (hope u understand that it would not be of much use to guys :p), I enjoyed every bit of your blog. I never knew that you are also from Bihar. Which place in Bihar ?

  3. raima.masha

    I am soooo glad I do not have to fast!! 😛 I’d get hungry and cranky and then instead of love and devotion, I’d be showing anger and grumpiness.. Kudos to you for managing both.. :)r

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