My Shudh Desi Romance Part 2

And we were engaged. Just 7 months post I joined the new company, I was engaged to AB who I met and dated there. I remember when I told my office colleagues that we were dating and planned to get engaged soon, some of them asked me if I knew him from before. And there were some who teased us for getting hitched so soon. They still do.

Post the engagement began the hunt for wedding stuff (clothes, jewelry etc) and the house stuff (rent a house, furniture etc). We spent the rest of the months doing all of this and also managing a hectic work schedule. Mom, Dad and my sister did most of the running around for the wedding while I worked extra hours on Saturdays.

And if you felt that 4 months was long enough to buy clothes and jewelry and get ready for the wedding – you must realize that these were the 4 coldest months. Yes Delhi winters had hit us. But there was nothing stopping Mom. She was relentless. She would spend 2 days in a week (every week) in Lajpath Nagar and then 2 more days in Karol Bagh. And of course 1 day in Chandni Chowk. And all this when we were based out of Gurgaon. I cannot even imagine a wedding without Mom. Without her I would be lost. She took care of my clothes, and took me shopping only when I had to pick the wedding lehenga. And I am really grateful to her for sparing me the ordeal. I had to do that for my sister’s wedding recently and it drove me nuts. And doing it for you own wedding – kudos to brides who actually do all that.

I was also helping AB with stuff like arranging for the Band wala. So I was a double agent if you might say – I was also involved in the groomy stuff. We picked our bandwala from Tagore Garden. And this was the first time my family would see a baraat on a ghori/baggi. I am from Bihar and so we have seen Baraats coming in decorated cars. And I always found that very elegant. But for AB that would have been outrageous – “dulha to ghori chadhta hain” was what he told me. So we decided on a Baggi decorated with flowers. He did his Ghur-Chadi in Jaipur and then brought the baarat in the Baggi. Mom and Dad were in love with the Baggi. They said it looked rather cool. So that was done.

AB and I were also trying to find a rented house in Gurgaon. Semi furnished – 2BHK. That is impossible to find. So we settled on 3BHK that would fit our budget. And if you have stayed in Gurgaon you know that you need a few basic necessities – Full power back-up, Air conditioning, and a secure place. We found that after almost 1.5 months. And in those 1.5 months we must have spoken to 100s of brokers and home owners. When we finally found a house that met our needs we signed the cheque immediately. I could not do more house hunting in the winter of Delhi. We also had to select the sofas and dining tables and bed-set for our new home. It was all so much work. But we did do fine.

Then January came and time for my pre-bridal sessions started. Let me tell you – every bride should have that done. Not for the beauty aspect of it but for sheer relaxation. There is so much going on in your mind, which can only be put to ease with the most amazing facial. I had two sittings of these and at the end I would feel truly rejuvenated. We had picked Lakme Galleria for this and they were pretty good. We had also picked them for the sangeet make-up which was good too. Note good – not Great! Reason being that I did not like the way they draped my saree – the one in Jaipur had done it so much better. Both were working off a net saree but the one in Jaipur had done a way better job. And the hair – I wanted soft curls, I was given solid ones instead.

The sangeet ceremony was a big hit. I had my mehendi being applied while everyone else from the family was putting up dance performances and toasts. I cried several times during the toasts. The one thing I realiZed during my sangeet was that the mehendi thing should be done before the sangeet so that even the bride can join the celebrations. I did this for my sister’s wedding. Other than that the ceremony was a big big success. I love it and I still watch the videos endlessly.

The wedding itself was so surreal. I went to Ambika Pillai for make-up. By Ambika Pillai herself. I loved the make-up. I did not like the hairdo much. But then I was running late so I could not risk a redo. Plus when you are getting dressed with 10 other brides, the exclusivity and the special feeling goes away. Every one in the salon was a bride getting ready for her wedding and I was one of  them. Not the best feeling. If you are a bride and your wedding falls on a day when probably the entire Delhi is getting married book and MUA who would either do your make-up at the venue or you are the only one getting ready in her parlor at that moment. You do not want to look at other brides and go like – ooh did I chose the wrong lehenga or her hair looks better than mine. Not the best moment.

The baraat was on time and we had a rotating stage that was easily 10 ft high for the garland exchange. This was a surprise for me. But it was a fun experience. The wedding started somewhere around midnight and went on till 4 am. My god – I was tired. I had not eaten a morsel and it was cold that day. And my lehenga was tugging down on me. I was one irritated bride and my entire family was trying to console me. Including my hubby. But it was all done.


The wedding was super fun. My friends had flown down from different parts of the country. Some had come to Delhi for the first time in life. My family flew down from different parts of the country and world in some cases. Everyone was there to be with me during this time. I also had my friends telling me that if I was feeling nervous and wanted to runaway, I could do so – there was a car waiting for me. 😛 Lol! But I did not need to. I was getting what I wanted. I was marrying someone I wanted to get married to. And yes we were getting hitched very soon – exactly 11 months after I joined work. But I had found my one. And if you find yours do not let go.

Today after 2.5 years of being married to AB, I am learning new things about myself and about him. I am glad that we are now one because no one can understand me better than he does. No one can manage my free-will and flamboyance like he does. Thank God!

My advice to all the newly weds – to make a perfect fit you need to file the edges a bit. And it should be both ways. (Yes I can make profound statements too). But just relax and take things one at a time. Do not try to make things perfect. Imperfection results in beauty. Sit back and enjoy your wedding.

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  1. Pooja Sinha Yadav

    Reading this post, almost makes me I feel I attended it. Beautiful love story . Kanji Jaipur aayo, to bataana, will meet up. Also, completely agree about the mehendi being put earlier. The bride just becomes one crying, helpless, irritated person. I got married at the height of summer in gurgaon and wound up sick on my mehendi! And the MUA, omg, she was adamant on giving me scarlet lips as she kept justifying that’s the trend, had to cry there also to finally give me a subtle look. This was at Anjum, I doubt I’d recommend that to anyone. Bratty MUA, and just not accommodating. She’s just really fast, I was done in half an hour! On the other hand, Gitanjali, Ambience Mall was lovely and warm and did exactly what I told her for my cocktail. Can’t wait for you next update! Blog on 🙂

  2. raima.masha

    4 months!! Man!! You were lucky!! I had 2 months tops.. 😦 Good thing Maa and I went and bought almost all the gifting sarees in one go.. My wedding saree took two weeks to get though.. Roshni was all “OMG!! You’ll do soo much shopping!!” and I was all like “Errr.. We finished it in two days”..

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