New Find: The Little Patisserie

The Little Patisserie
The Little Patisserie

A recent Facebook browsing led me to discover something very new and something I have been looking for, for a long long time in Bangalore. A patisserie that bakes designer cake. And without further delay let me introduce all you folks to The Little Patisserie. Its a sweet (literally) venture by two Engineering Grads turned chefs (say what??). And the two of them resonate the Powerpuff Girls jingle – “Sugar Spice and everything nice”. Meet Sindhu and Supriya who started The Little Patisserie in January 2013 (yes its that new!) and have a little production bakery as of now. Read on to learn how two Engineering grads turned in Master Chefs and what they plan to do with their very new venture.

Sindhu & Supriya
Sindhu & Supriya
In Conversation with Sindhu and Supriya
How did 2 Engineering Grads become Pastry Chefs?
Both of us have always been passionate about food. The passion turned into a dream when we would visit the many restaurants in Bangalore and gorge on the delicacies. After completing our engineering, when the time came to pursue our masters, we decided to spend the money on our one big passion. Sindhu decided to turn her dream into a reality by taking up a patisserie and cuisine course at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu at London. Supriya worked for 2 and half years as a software engineer at her father’s company and finally when Sindhu returned we decided to take the plunge.
Initially we would bake from home and test the markets. But when we took The Little Patisserie to Soul Sante, we realised the response was great. From there on there was no looking back.
The Packaging
How long since The Little Patisserie came into being?
The Little Patisserie was founded in January 2013. But Supriya took a couple of months to come out of
her work. And finally in March, was when things turned around for us. Today Sindhu handles the kitchen and ensures all the desserts are just perfect. Supriya handles the sales, marketing and finances.
Sindhu loves her desserts and sweet treats. Supriya loves spice and everything nice. And that’s how the menu came into being with an assorted choice.
What kind of orders do you guys really get?
We get a lot of customised and designer cake orders, as everyone loves something with a personal touch. We also get lots of corporate orders. We have also tied up with a couple of restaurants and supply desserts to them on a regular basis.
What are the rates like? Is there a minimum order amount?
Our designer cakes are priced at 1500 INR per Kg. Our fresh cream cakes at 550 INR per KG, our butter cream cakes at 650 INR a KG, our mousses are at 900 INR per KG and cheesecake at 1100 INR per KG.
We do not have a minimum order as long as people are willing to pick it up or pay the delivery charges.
What are your future plans for The Little Patisserie?
As of now we are a production kitchen. But, we do hope to someday have a retail outlet, a nice little niche space to sell our sweet treats. Hopefully, someday you’ll get to see The Little Patisserie all around town too.
We also intend to take baking and cooking classes soon.
Someday we also hope to train economically backward women and women from destitute houses to stand on their own feet, and take up baking as a career.
Awesome ainnit. Here is wishing the duo all the very best. I had a chance to taste some of their delicacies and I was totally blown over. Their signature desert Opera is heavenly and just the right amount of sweet. The Tiramisu has a great flavour and I cannot even begin to tell you guys how great the Tart was. They can be reached online for an order as they bake to order as of now. They also have a cute little website where you can browse through their menu and then mail them for an order. Link: The Little Patisserie.

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  1. Antara

    Hey Ankita,
    I met a similar history grad from Sophiyas who has a passion for baking and makes designer cakes.She did my daughter’s birthday cake and cupcakes and they were amazing.Hop on over when you have time to have a look.I wish Supriya and Sindhu all the best.

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