Getting a Wedding Card made in Bangalore

“Creative and Unique.. Also Exclusive, Didi” – This was the input given to me by my sister when I asked her what kind of wedding card did she want. Now like I have already mentioned in the Sneak Peak, getting a wedding card made in Delhi was very simple. However, things were a whole lot different since the cards needed to be done in Bangalore – Mom could not do so much running around in Delhi all by herself. And then, my sister wanted something really colourful and customized which is not something available in the chawdi bazar stores in Delhi.

So basically, I had two choices infront of me:

  • Paint a Madhubani themed card, and then get it screen printed
  • Get a professional illustrator to create something I had conceptualized

I chose the second option because it was faster and I knew how to get this done. How fast would be the turn around time for screen printed card was not something I was aware of. Plus everything needed to be done via emails pan India – Sister in Kozhikode and Mother in Delhi. And so I gave my inputs to the illustrator and asked her to create something. She came up with two designs out of which I liked one, but ofcourse there were a couple of edits. We wanted to use brighter colours, we wanted to add the bride and grooms name to the top cover and ofcourse we wanted Ganesha. Now most of the cards today do away with Ganeshji’s pic – they do not want to compromise with the theme. But my family was adamant that a wedding card should have Ganeshji’s pic. So we had to incorporate that into our Madhubani themed card. Ofcourse it was not very difficult considering that Madhubani gives you that kind of freedom. And then came the content. And ours has always been a very text heavy card (first mine and now my sisters). So proof reading it was a pain – I am very bad at it and so is my family. We kept sending edits in seperate mails to the designer and she being the sweetheart that she is – kept obliging. FINALLY we had the card ready in pdf.

Then came the printing. We chose PRINTO. Its a little expensive but the quality of printing was super. We designed our envelope ourselves and since the card and inserts were so colourful, we chose a pearl white envelope with basic designing – Ganesha on top with the Bride and Grooms name and the date of the wedding. The service at Printo was good – You usually keep a percentage of your wedding card as rejects because there is always some printing error. But thanks to Printo we had none. All the cards can be used as invites and none have to be rejected. The only glitch was that they forgot to print one set of inserts. But then they delivered the whole set that very evening to our office. Which worked fine – since we plan to courier it later in the week.

I will share all the pictures very soon on this very post. As of now enjoy these. And I hope you like them.

Wedding Invite

The Pearl White Envelope

I loved the designs – so if you need the contact info for the designer I got in touch with, drop me a mail –


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