Spruce Up Your Space

Yayy!! Another guest post. Our next blogger, Anya from Clothes and Creativity is a lawyer by profession and a fashionista by birth. She has a great sense of style and via her blog takes you through her choicest collection of chic and wearable fashion clothing. So hop on to her blog to say hello.  She is also planning to add a new section to her blog where she will talk about some DIY craft projects. In her post here, she talks about how she has spruced up a corner of her house and I think it looks really cool and colourful. So over to Anya now.I got married recently and ever since I have been trying to add a little personalised touch to our home. Although the house is furnished and decorated, I am always rearranging the furniture and adding knick-knacks to make it cozy and colourful. I have always had a soft spot for vibrant, colourful, kitschy interiors. I love colour and try to incorporate it in every aspect of my life, our home being one of them. So when I moved in to my new home (with my husband), I sub-consciously started adding colour in terms of art and décor items.

We have a decent amount of stuff and so having functional pieces (read furniture with storage space) is our priority. Now we had this plain table/cupboard in the room which did not really go with anything else. First we thought we will do away with it but then it was a decent size cupboard with a drawer on op that could easily provide some extra storage space. And I am never the one to turn down storage space. So I got my creative juices flowing in the direction of dressing up the table/cupboard.

The cupboard is pretty much like a brown box with a drawer at the top and a door which opens up below it. Since it was too plain and too brown, I started by adding a bright coloured tablecloth at the top. The green and white table-cloth instantly perked up the look of this piece of furniture. And just to let you in on a little secret, the table-cloth is actually a pillow cover which we do not use any more.

The Table Decor
The Table Decor
Wine Bottles
Wine Bottles

Then for some more colour, I added this cute little pair of figures. I had picked up two pairs from a local market much before my wedding (one for my Mum’s house and another for Hubs’). The cupboard looked so much better already. I further added a couple of wine bottles that we had managed to finish in no time 😉 Besides the wine bottles I placed an antique Agarbatti/Incense stick stand. I love the look of this piece, It has so much character. And it is perfect for filling up the room with sweet scent. And to finish the look I added a plastic auto-rickshaw. The green wine bottles complemented the colour of the table-cloth and the yellow/green auto added a fun element to the whole look of the cupboard.

I am happy with what I managed to make out of this piece of furniture. It is functional and beautiful at the same time. And I did not buy anything new. It is a mix of all the stuff that we had in our house. Sometimes a little creativity is all you need to spruce up your space. 🙂

(All pictures in the post are Anya’s creative property)


  1. Priyansha

    Very beautiful! And the ideas of wine bottles as a table decor is beautiful! I usually keep my room to the minimalistic with not a lot of stuff around but there are few things that are kind of must essentials in my house. I have reed diffuser and scented candles that top my must essentials list which I mostly buy it from http://www.purefragrances.com ! Apart from that I do move around a lot of things around to give it a different look when I get bored of the way my house feel! Anyway thanks for the wine bottle idea, I guess I will try to bring in a little difference from the ones that I have.

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