You carry them everywhere – but how much do you really know about them? How well do you know the bags you carry with yourself? Yes. Like shoes, there are different types of bags. And while I would love to cover everything, I realize that I am not a bag-genius. I must confess, when I went looking for the information on these bags – I realized that I was such an illiterate when it comes to knowing the types of bags. I knew them by appearance, but never knew what they were called. And so I was enlightened. And its my turn to enlighten you.


All the bags in the above picture are from the below sources. AND they are all available for an online order. So if you like something from here, below is where you can find them. (psst… I have bought myself one of these. Guess which one!!)

A – (Image courtesy Mango Bowling Bag. Priced at Rs. 2990*

B – (Image courtesy London Paris New York FB Page) LPNY Clutch Bag. Priced at Rs. 1220

C – (Image courtesy Mango Tote Bag. Priced at Rs. 3590*

D, E, & F – (Image courtesy

(Mango has a sale on right now – so the prices would be lower than what appears in the post)

Hope this helped increase your (BK) Bag Knowledge a lot. It sure did help me!

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