Some time for ME

Uruli with Rose Petals

“When we get too caught up in the busy-ness of the world, we lose connection with one another – and ourselves.” – Jack Kornfield

The lifestyle that an average Indian has, requires him/her working for 9 hours, travelling for 2-3 hours and then involving themselves in house hold chores for another 4-5 hours every day. This leaves us with no time to sit back and relax. And if we continue with this kind of lifestyle – nervous breakdown, hypertension and blood pressure issues are common side affects.

Therefore, it is important to take some time off and relax. Some time off to just connect with yourself and understand that there is more to life than just running behind deadlines and maidservants. This Sunday – I did exactly that. I decided to find some time out for myself and took up the offer to visit The Four Fountains Spa.

Locations: Its located in 4 locations across Bangalore – Koromangala, Whitefield, Indiranagar, and Bannerghata. I chose to go to Koromangala because of the proximity. The spa is located on the Anand Sweets lane. It has 6 rooms with attached shower rooms (+1 from me). So you do not have to step out of the room to go into a common shower room.

The Four Fountains Spa Reception
The Four Fountains Spa Reception
Waiting Area
Waiting Area

Experience: Rejuvenation starts as soon as you open the door – literally. The door handles are made in a way so that you receive an accupuncture like feel as soon as you hold it to open the door. Inside, a soothing aroma of lemongrass greets you. After exchanging some pleasantries and understanding my needs to what kind of therapy I was looking for, Swati (a therapist from The Four Fountains Spa) suggested the Aroma Therapy Spa along with a 10 minutes of Aroma Therapy head massage. What I really liked here was that the spa package was being tailored to my needs – since I wanted a head massage, they threw that in with the regular package. I felt they understood why it was important for me – and I felt an immediate connection. Post this they took a stress test – which I failed :P. Actually I fell in the high stress zone and I think everyone would fall in the same zone because of our lifestyle. They did this to recommend the frequency of my spa visits, my diet plan and the exercise regime I should follow. Interesting – I am trying to stick to some of it.


I was then introduced to my massuist – Malini, who led me to my room BLISS. The room greeted me with pleasant music. I must say – I really appreciated the disposable wear and sheets they use. Other places in Bangalore offer a cotton dress and I do not really feel comfortable in them – there is always the doubt “What if someone has used this?”. And that doubt was immediately put to rest when I saw the disposable set there. There were other small details that left me pleasantly surprised – like a comb, moisturizer and hand sanitizer were already placed in the room. A tag also hung in the corner that informs all clients that shower cap and hair dryer are available on request.

Therapy Room
Therapy Room

I changed and then rung the bell to call Malini back inside and she sat me down and gave me a head massage. On my end I was trying to sit back and relax while she did this. The only issue here was that the chair was a regular chair – and while I know there was crunch for space, I would have liked some kind of a pushback chair where I could stretch a little instead of sitting upright. But the massage was fantastic – a total stress buster.

Once the massage was over, and I had come out of the room, I was offered green tea – a big relaxant.

Final Verdict: So all in all this is an experience everyone should have. I am already planning to take AB to their Sarjapur branch (coming soon) in August. He has been complaining about back-aches, and I am sure a little spa-therapy will do wonders for him. And am planning to gift my mom a spa time in Delhi.

If you have been to The Four Fountains Spa – do share your feedback here. If you have not been – look no further and definitely give it a visit. Its high time you think about yourself too.

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