PUMA Social Club Giveaway

Hello Fellow Bangalore-Junta!

Here is a chance to win an exclusive invite to the Launch Party at PUMA Social Club on Saturday (July 20, 2013) 7pm onwards! So we will play a small fun contest and announce the winner on Friday (July 19, 2013). This contest is only open for people staying in Bangalore (sorry everyone else ūüė¶ )

What you need to do?

There are three steps that you basically need to follow… and then cross your fingers

  1. Like us on Facebook (if you already have not done that) AND follow @PUMAsocialclub on Twitter
  2. Answer a Question posted on my Facebook Page (Be funny and wacky РI appreciate it) Commenting here would not qualify. It needs to be on the Facebook Page in the comments section of the Picture that SCREAMS giveaway.
  3. End the comment with the hashtag #KeepItRealNights and your twitterhandle (eg. @thebloresnob).
    eg. #KeepItRealNights @thebloresnob
    (This will help us figure out if you have actually done all three)

So only folks who have done all three would qualify for the Giveaway. And trust me you do not want to miss this. The Contest would be up at 2:30 pm on my Facebook page – so please keep watching the space for this image on top. And as soon as you see it start commenting. And the winner would be decided based on who gives the wackiest answer.

Some do’s and dont’s:

  • No Limit on the number of comments (as long as they are different and whacker from the previous one)
  • Only folks from Bangalore can participate – else the invite becomes useless for you.
  • Doing all the three steps is VERY IMPORTANT. (So if you are not on Twitter or Facebook – high time you get there).
  • Any questions mail me at thebangaloresnob@gmail.com

The contest is open till Thursday Midnight! So keep commenting! I will announce the winner on Friday Morning! 

All the best. May the wackiest one win!

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