PUMA Social Club

How did TBS land up there?

I had got a mail from folks at PUMA a week ago inviting me over for Brunch to PUMA Social Club. Now that was a first – I had never really heard of a PUMA Lounge. Intrigued, I decided to look into it online. However, my office blocks all social media sites online and I could not find any relevant data on the normal google search. “Oh well – I guess I will have to wait to find out” were my thoughts. And so wait I did. Come Sunday – I was all psyched about my visit to the Club. I do not know what was the reason for all the excitement – A new place to hang out or the novel idea of a “PUMA Social Club”. But whatever it was, I was going to find out in a bit.

How to get there?

The Social Club is located right on top of the PUMA Store – Level 2 (on your left when you are heading to Indiranagar via the Domlur Flyover). The directions are therefore pretty simple and you cannot miss it.

First Impression?

When we got there the lift was not working – so we took the stairs and WAHHAAOOOW! Its probably the most fun staircase ever. The stairway had two fun artifacts – a sensor telephone that would ring everytime some crossed it (unfortunately that was stolen) and a breath analyzer (YESSSS!!). With the breath analyzer you can figure out really how drunk are you and you can make a decision if you want to drive or be driven (big +1 from me on that).

What is the place like?

PUMA Social Club follows the same decor inspiration as that of its store – Sustainability and Upcycling. Some interesting and noteworthy things were:

  • Upcycled and recycled furniture: Pieces made of construction and factory machinery and waste materials. There were table stands made of upcycled machinery. Interesting concept.
  • Floppy Discs (remember them?) as coasters and VHS tapes (remember them too??) as ashtrays.

Floppy Coasters

  • A Play Machine set on a pool table containing awesome cool stuff from the time when we were kids – Typewriters, ViewFinders, and a Video Game Console with the Mario Game on it. And a kid who was watching us play Mario on the console actually said “Wow! You are good at it”. And that coming from a 10 year old who can probably beat any of us hands-down on Call of Duty or other such XBOX/PS Game is AWESOME.
The Play Machine
The Play Machine

How was the crowd?

Well, we were seated amongst fellow bloggers and we were there for Brunch – and that bunch was pretty amazing. Oh! Did I tell you I met Alicia Souza and Pranita Mehta of Bindigasm. But that aside – the general gentry looked good too. Honestly speaking, I don’t think gentry is ever an issue in any lounge on that street. So that should be the least of the concern. We had a good Guess the Cocktail game – where we had to guess the ingredients of some of their signature cocktails. And yayy! I won (actually came in a close 2nd :P) a PUMA gift card. *bows down*

Whats happening there NOW?

PUMA India will launch the club on the weekend of July 19-21, with its trademark ‘Keep It Real Nights‘ that will span the genre of music, art, film, theatre and design over the next few months – staying true to the idea of the club being a creative space offering exclusive content to a discerning audience with varied tastes. They have a decent line up of artists coming from all over to play and entertain everyone. So if you are looking for a good time you know where to head to. You can check the lineup and the plan at http://pumashop.in/socialclub/

Interesting! Tell me more …

Enough said already! Take a look at the pictures of the place below and make a judgement for yourself.

(All the pictures in the blog are creative property of PUMA Social Club and The Bangalore Snob.)

How was the post? Informative? Want to feature your lounge/store/restaurant on the blog too? You can find me at thebangaloresnob@gmail.com.


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