spotlight: Foresight and Sunday Soul Sante

Sunday Soul Sante

Foresight 2013 in collaboration with Sunday Soul Sante happened at Manpho Convention Center grounds (near Manyata Tech Park) on June 9th 2013. While I liked the fact that the parking was nearer to the venue this time around (not too much of a walk like the one last time), I must confess – I was a little disappointed by the dust on the ground. I know I had recommended wearing shoes instead of floaters/open slippers in my post. But then something could have been done about the dust on the ground – maybe sprinkle water a day before. I have attended so many Delhi weddings that I know this method works for sure to hold the dust.

Bad Bad Bad Weather

Ofcourse, we cannot blame the SSS people for the bad weather. But can we not do that for the increased entry fee? Yes this was in collaboration and yes this was for a good cause. But – a little heads-up on the Facebook page would have been good. I was there from 2:30ish and I left around 6ish (because of the impending rain scare). But I know that SSS gets maximum customers at night – it looks gorgeous then. And paying an entry fee of Rs. 1000 (if I am a group of 5 people) vs. Rs.500 is a little steep.

The stalls were a mix of everything – good, not so good and too expensive to even think about. So when it comes to actually purchasing something from SSS – I am usually reluctant. I did, however, purchase a nice Jaipur Skirt. It was a little overpriced – and I know this cause my in-laws are from Jaipur and I have bought the same stuff there for Rs. 300 for which I paid Rs.950. But then I am not travelling to Jaipur anytime right now and I really did LIKE the skirt a lot. And it did not cost Rs. 3000 (like everything else I liked did). So why not. I have always maintained – there is nothing flea about SSS. I am not sure how it was earlier, but that’s how the scene at SSS is now. While I understand the prices for some handcrafted products go high because of the effort and time that goes into creating each piece is priceless – I don’t quite agree on inexpensive clothes lifted off from Bangkok and Jaipur and sold here at outrageous rates. Whatever happened to the concept of flea??

I have created a Gallery of my favorite stalls. Have a glance!

And so like any other visitor the only thing I was going to do was pigging out (I love Pig Out) and just sitting around and visiting stalls that were intriguing and fun. I did collect a lot of Business Cards of stores/stalls/artists I am going to ping/call/mail to buy stuff from when I am ready to buy them.

I had invited a lot of friends over – 4 of my husband’s friends and 2 of mine (who inturn invited a lot of others). These first timers had a decent time. My friend, Manasa (who also wrote the post Comic On at Comicon) was amazed at the concept of SSS. Though a Bangalorean, she never really visited any of the SSS ever – and she had a great time. The vibrancy of the Sante is hard to ignore. And while I had to leave by 6 pm, she stayed till the very end (first time enthusiasm maybe).

All in all – it was not that bad. I know I too have been overly critical about the Sante in my post. But then if you were to ask me “Did you enjoy the Sante this time around?”, my reply would be “Hell YES!”. The spirit of Sante was still on. I saw some great stalls – some great artists, ate some great food, and I had a good time with my friends. Yes it is overpriced – but then a haircut nowadays costs Rs.2000 (a year ago it costed Rs.600). That’s inflation! Noone is forcing you to buy anything – decide on a budget and spend only that. And yes, this SSS has inspired me to think of my own stall – would the Bangaloreans want to visit The Bangalore Snob stall? I am still undecided. Help me decide!


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