Sunday Soul Sante – 9 things to remember

9 Things to remember for SSS

Is this going to be your first visit to Sunday Soul Sante? By the way for those of you who do not know – There is a Sunday Soul Sante happening on 9th June 2013 in collaboration with Foresight at Manpho Convention Center (near Manyata Tech Park). And if you want to know what it is all about – read this post I did earlier on my first visit to Sunday Soul Sante. So, like I was saying – if this is going to be your first visit to Sunday Soul Sante a few things to keep in mind.

1. This is probably one of the most high profile flea market in Bangalore. Expect a lot of traffic on your way there. Really – its almost like the entire Bangalore steps out to visit this flea fiesta. Carpool with friends – it will be a fun ride that ways.

2. Entry fee is Rs.100/head (atleast that is what it was the last time I was there earlier this year). Now I did not know that. Maybe it was just me. But I just thought its a nice to know fact. And its Rs. 100 in cash. No card swiping.

3. Carry a lot of Cash – withdraw money from the ATM. You don’t want to go there and like something and then be told that there is no card swiping facility at the stall. Some stall will swipe and give you some cash, but I am told they take around 2% service charge. Not the best idea to rely on them.

4. All the shops have their business cards – ask for them. Like we picked up the business card for the Bonzai Tree shop and a few others. Its likely that you do not have Rs.3000 in your wallet to buy the gorgeous palm bonzai – but I am sure that you would want to visit their store and pick something from there.

5. There are a lot of performances happening at Centerstage – a lot of musical performance during the evening. There is also a Kingfisher beer counter. (I hope you know what I am hinting at). Yes, your husbands would be entertained too.

6. Try and go at a time when you can stay long enough to see the stalls in dark with the lights. OWLs and other stalls look gorgeous with their lamps lit.

7. Food Stalls: The good food gets over real quick. If you are going there just for the food – RUSH to the food area. And order yours asap.

8. DO NOT EXPECT anything to be of the FLEA price. You need to bargain to get a decent deal. But too much of that also does not help. Just have fun. You would almost feel like buying everything – but its all going to be of the same price outside the flea fest too. So you might want to rethink before you buy yourself something too expensive.

9. Dress Chic but comfortable. You do not want to be overdressed – heels are not the best option. But you would not want to feel out of place either. Carry a bag/tote/jhola. Shoes over floater.

TBS Suggestion: Have lots of fun. Go with your camera – click pics. Have the food there – its the one thing you do not want to miss. Pick up the cards only from the stalls you like. Too many cards and you would end up losing them. Basically – let the drive to get there be worth it.

Hope this was helpful!

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