Amalgamation of North & South India

Amalgamations of North India & South India

India is probably the most heritage rich country – with culture and history oozing out of every nook and corner. And inevitably, every Indian house has some elements of this rich culture. Ever since my move to Bangalore – I have been trying to bring some culture into my house. Before I moved down here – we were busy buying furniture during our 6 months post marriage stint in Delhi. And when I was done with my furniture shopping – it was time for AB and me to move to Bangalore. So now, in Bangalore – I have been trying to bring some gorgeous Indian elements into the house. But there is so much around and so much to choose from. So where should I start?

I started by creating these Madhubani paintings – inspired by Tattoo style and Kayastha style art. And with my recent expedition – my trip to the IK Store, I purchased my Uruli. I am a novice at this but when I think of South Indian decor – i think of the colour Gold. I plan to buy more brass and copper artifacts – even though AB says that I don’t need to turn my house into a Golden Temple (tsk tsk – he has a bad sense of humour). I love those Diyas I saw at Indya Kaleidoscope. Let’s see when do I go about buying those.


When I think of Madhubani Paintings – I immediately think of a Bride. This is probably because my parents are  from Bihar – and during my wedding they tried to bring in some elements of Bihar into it. I am so obsessed with painting these – I have done numerous nameboards (read here). I now am planning to do a really big one for my new house. But work on it is yet to start. Would keep you updated!

Madhubani Paintings
Madhubani Paintings

And so through this post I introduce you to the first elements of both worlds in my house.

Uruli and the Madhubani Painting
Uruli and the Madhubani Painting

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