Rekha and Rahul’s Home Sweet Home

I am super duper excited to present this post. Excited because it comes from a very good friend – Rekha Gehani. She has the most beautiful house in Gurgaon and she has done it up really well (and when I say really well – I mean GORGEOUS). I totally LURVE her house (and for those of you who are wondering why I have been using LURVE – well LOVE is too mild and its used so loosely now, I thought LURVE emphasizes on my feelings better). So I LURVE Rekha and Rahul’s Abode. And I love how sweetly she did it up! Read on and let Rekha know if you liked it. So in her own words…

Welcome to our house!

Rekha & Rahul and their lil princess Anika
Rekha & Rahul and their lil princess Anika

(The picture above is photographed by Sandeep Bansal)

Here is our experience of doing up our house….. It was one roller coaster fun and exciting ride with umpteen visits to umpteen markets…lots of running around to get that perfect piece of furniture…and a lot of hard work and patience to keep oneself focused on the main goal.

Without further delay let me walk you through our favorite room of the house, Our Living Room! This one is really special for us as its our first house, and my usually uninterested husband was as pumped-up about doing the interiors together as I was 🙂

As soon as you enter you will see a big wooden Ganesha Statue (which we bought from the Suraj Kund mela), a bronze Ganesh bell (we got this from Agra), a singing bowl (we bought this in Sikkim) and a little green for the eyes (I’m in love with bamboo plants and you will see a lot of these in my house) . We love collecting things for the house, and started doing that even before we bought the house. And all our purchases were utilized well when we finally started doing up the place.

The Entrance
The Entrance

This is how the living rooms looks. As soon as you come inside you can see the focus wall which has a simple lines design (done with POP)  and the grey and green sofa. We wanted a 5 seater sofa and 2 wooden chairs to break the monotony of the room. The chairs fabric is blue and you can see all three colors  grey, green and blue) in our curtains and blinds

The center table we got designed after seeing something similar in a magazine. Its made of wood and steel. We have tried adding mauve and greens by the cushions and have played safe by going in for a same color tone carpet.

And as you will see we wanted to add a touch of natural green and therefore the big palm plant. (Still need to buy a nice looking planter for it.) Any suggestions?? 🙂

The Living Room
The Living Room

And here comes the dining area. A simple square table which can be extended to a rectangle if there are more guests. We were a lil more adventurous with the color scheme here by going in for a red pattern fabric for the chairs. Just wanted more color added to the room. The wall hanging you see is actually a magazine holder (5 holders put together to create that wall hanging.. isn’t it creative? 🙂 and in the corner is a cane- finish lamp.

The Dining Area
The Dining Area

This picture gives you the complete view of the room and the passage to the other rooms. And the small painting in the passage are from Bali (where we went on our now u know how soon we started buying things for our dream house)

The Complete View
The Complete View

And trust me it still feels awesome when we enter the house though it’s more than 2 years old. Hope you liked our Home Sweet Home! 🙂

Bloggers Note: What I love about Rekha’s house in particular is the detailing in the little things like the POP lines wall. It adds texture to the wall but still keeps it simple and elegant. And her house is not cluttered. So you can have a nice party and not worry about people bumping into something. And the extendable dining table is a WOW! Rekha you have done a GRRREAAAT JOB! Thank you for sharing this with us!!

(The pictures in the post are all property of Rekha and Rahul Gehani. Please do not copy!)

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