spotlight: Indya Kaleidoscope


Store: Indya Kaleidoscope
Location: 12th A Main, 4th Block Koramangala , Bangalore, India 560034
Facebook Page: Indya Kaleidoscope
Their Online Store:

I am fairly new to Bangalore and the only places that I know of (in terms of home decor stores) are the huge commercialized stores like Hometown and @home. But there is so much to Bangalore than just IT Parks, Beer Breweries and Malls. Luckily for me, Social Media allows us to interact with like-minded people who offer solutions that sometimes open the doors to a whole new world.  And that’s exactly what happened when I went out asking for suggestions of some “hatke” online home decor stores. Archana from wrote on my FB wall and told me about Indya Kaleidoscope. I visited their FB page and loved the albums. (Yes! If you tell me about a great store – I would visit it and write about it on my blog – SO please tell me about more stores!! I would love to get to know stores in Bangalore.) And the location for their store was pretty nearby – Koromangala. I decided that for Spotlight this time I would visit the IK Store and post pictures (if they let me). So I dropped Preethi from the IK Store, a mail telling her about my blog and asking if I could come down to her store and click pictures and feature her store on my blog.

I was not really expecting the response I got from Preethi – she was so warm. Her exact words – “we love blogs and bloggers – ofcourse you can come over”. This is probably the best response I have ever received – an instant YES! Preethi also told me that she would try to be present in her store personally if I could tell her in advance about my time of visit. Ain’t she a sweetheart! She also told me that IK too started off as a blog. And she had started off as a blogger who just documented her decor experiences in her blogs only to realise soon that she had an avid readership. And then one day she decided to leave the corporate ties and get engrossed in her all time dream to open an art gallery. And Indya Kaleidoscope is an Art Gallery for sure. So much to look at – so much thought has gone into creating and decorating the store.

Like the handpainted golden tree in her office. This was painted by Preethi herself. Gorgeous ainnit? We Lurve it!


And then she has a collection of some amazing artifacts from all over. Like the Matryoshka dolls (I remember playing with them when I was kid – and its so good to see them again!!)


Or the entire miniature kitchen set – Miniature stove, water filter/dispenser (like the ones my grandparents had before they got Aquagaurds) or the iron boxes. Oh so cute!

Miniature Water Dispenser

Miniature Iron Box

And then there is a huge brass collection that she has at display

Arjun and Krishna on the chariot


The Brass Collection

More Ganeshas

And other gorgeous stuff:

Clay Pottery

Black Pottery Work

The Paintings

I bought myself an Uruli from her store – something I have been wanting ever since I have seen it. And I found the exact size that I was looking for. I would soon put up pictures once I have decided the right place for it.

So if you have not already been to her store – visit it now. The directions are fairly simple. And the place is worth a visit! Its open till 7:30 PM on all days except Thursdays.

(All the pictures in the post are taken with due permission from Preethi – Please do not copy)


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