My Delhi House

my delhi house

For any married girl – her “Maika” (Mother’s House) is probably the one place where she can be herself – daddy’s little girl and mamma’s princess! Its such an emotional connection. And it probably is the world’s most beautiful house ever. And you can only imagine how emotional I must be getting as I write this post! Ever since I started blogging, I have been bugging my mom to send me pictures of the house. I have been dying to write a post on, what I consider, the most beautiful house ever. 

Meet my mom – Rashmi Aparna Shekhar (a Fashion Consultant for RAS a fashion brand based out of Delhi-NCR). She has a fetish for White (yes -the color). And you can see that in the white couch that she has braved to  put in her house – all of us know how difficult it is to maintain white! She is so much in love with the color that all her little decor pieces are also white in color.

That said, its not like she is against the other colors. She has introduced color into the living area by using colorful cushion covers. I totally love what she has done with the curtains – raw silk and multicolored.

Raw Silk Curtains

And  since the living area is a small one – she has used glass dining table that give the feeling of space to the house. And it does not look as if its occupying a lot of place.

Dining Table

And a glass center table (coffee table too). And I totally LURVE this.

Coffee Table

Ofcourse there is the black tufted carpet that I bought for her from F&F Delhi.

And then there is the picture of Krishna from Maharashtra that Mom believes brings luck to the house.

Lord Krishna

Keeping the house clean though is a challenge for her courtesy my little doggies who feel that sleeping on the couch and eating on the tufted carpet is their right. Meet the two devils Bosco and Junior. You have these agents which are responsible for messing up your house – you know like dust, termites etc. The dogs are those agents for my mom.


And like I said that’s my post on one the prettiest house ever. I just hope that in the coming years I am able to imbibe my Mom’s taste and class. And make my house as pretty as hers. And my kids too find their Mom’s house as pretty as I find My Delhi House. I love you Ma!

Blogger Note: Probably one of the most emotional post I have ever written. Its a post on My Delhi House – My Maika. And I love every bit of the house. I have tried to stick to being a home decor enthusiast in the post – But I must admit that at the end of the day I am a little girl totally smitten by how beautifully my Mom has done up her house.


  1. Sumit Shekhar

    Baby, you have written a veru heart renderong piece on your maiks. Must say….. you hv a flair for writing. Keep it rekindled through your blog anf who knows one day you may end up a worlf renowned author.
    Love you

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