50th Post: My First UL Purchase

I ordered my very first Urban Ladder product online and here is a review of my experience. And this is my 50th post! What a better way to write a 50th post than review a purchase from my favorite online store!


For those who have not read my last Spotlight post on Urban Ladder – you guys should know that I am a huge Urban Ladder fan. I have literally spent days just ogling at their collection deciding what should I buy and what should I buy later :P. But there was always this debate that I probably should not order it right now, since I have bought a house and I should buy the new furniture in the new house (a year later).

Being the absolute impatient person that I am – I OBVIOUSLY could not wait. So I ordered one from my Wishlist – The Alfred Coat Hanger. Honestly, I had thought it would be the Bar Unit that would be my first – but then fate had other plans! Well, actually I pre-ordered it.

I had decided that I wanted to buy the Coat Hanger somewhere around 13th March. But the status on the UL Website was sold out. So I wrote into their Facebook page asking if I could pre-order it. I got an immediate response that it was not available for pre-order as of now but they would keep me informed nonetheless. I also flagged a Let Me Know on their website when the product was available to pre-order. And in a couple of of days it was available. And the UL gang responded to my previous post on FB letting me know that it was now up for pre-ordering (really prompt of these guys!).

Their site is really easy to order from – hassle free. I also selected an EMI option (using my Citibank Credit Card). They have Cash and Card on Delivery too (but not on pre-orders). I also got a pre-order discount – which honestly wasn’t much, but I am not complaining. As per the site – the delivery would have happened somewhere around 8th of April (and I knew it was going to be a long wait). It would take this long cause this item was on pre-order. If the stocks are available they take anywhere between 10-15 days. And do not go by the date of delivery written on the site (they almost always deliver it before time). That date is for those one off unfortunate times when Murphy’s Law is in action!

And now I had to wait patiently. Which was the toughest thing to do! Really! I have the patience level of a 2 yr old! you should see me in a home furnishing store. My husband says I become an embarrassment! 😛 So anyways – I recieved a call from the UL folks (Manjunath) on 26th March (12 days into ordering it) that it was ready for delivery and they could come over anytime. So I asked them to come on Holi (27th March). They told me that they would be over between 1pm to 3pm which also gave me enough time to play holi and then clean myself up! I must admit that when these guys came over – both AB and I looked a shade of pink and green . I just hope we did not scare them much! But as soon as AB saw the Coat Hanger he was in love with it.

Storage space

He is one of those – over critical types. He is very particular about the finish and the wood quality etc. So, whenever I would pester him to buy me anything he would be like – the quality isn’t good, the finish isn’t great. But he loved the UL finish. And yayy! he has given me the green signal to buy more! Which obviously I would! And we have found a place for  Mr. Valentino (my valentine teddy).


I am using the Coat hanger to hang the daily wear tracks and trousers. Maybe hang AB’s jeans after he changes. I also hang my bags store my iron box and speakers and dvd’s etc. Thank You Urban Ladder.

Alfred Coat Hanger

And if you too have bought something from Urban Ladder – please write into me. Would love to feature your experience. And YAYY!! my 50th Post is done!


  1. Amritha

    This is Amritha from Chennai.
    I have just ordered from Urban Ladder and I am sceptical about their product quality and delivery…

    Kindly give your honest feedback on this company.

    1. thebangaloresnob

      Hi Amritha,

      The service is great. They would deliver before the promised date. And the FINISH is great. The only flipside to Urban ladder according to me is that they NEVER have SALE. I got a Rs.200 off on an (approx) Rs.6000 worth Coat Hanger … BUt then their quality is KILLER stuff (I mean really good). I am sure you would be very happy with your product.l

    1. thebangaloresnob

      Hey Shweta, The coat hanger is super useful! All my bags, scarves hats, etc, BASICALLY everything that I cannot arrange in my wardrobe finds its place here. Now when I finally move into MY new house – I am wondering where do I place it 🙂

  2. adismom

    Hi,.. Wanted a review of UL . I mean ..needless to say , I too am smitten by their products . My house is on the verge of completion . Have been surveying the market for readymade sofas, which is available in a huge variety in UL. Any idea ?

    1. thebangaloresnob

      If anything I can vouch for the quality of their products. my friends and I have ordered dressers, coat hangers, dining tables etc. Never ordered a sofa though but that looks good too. if you are sceptical about the fabric quality – order for a sample (i think they do give those out). happy shopping!

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